Tour Plans

Having a plan when visiting Central Florida theme parks is essential, especially if it’s your first visit. While you’ll likely find plenty of things to enjoy in the parks without a plan, having one can save you time, money and hassle, plus make sure you don’t miss anything that’s a priority for you to see.

The important thing to remember about any tour plan for Central Florida theme parks, whether it’s at Disney World, Universal, SeaWorld or Busch Gardens, is not to let the plan get in the way of spontaneous fun. Use the plan as a guide, not as list of step by step instructions that must be followed. The time and hassle you’ll have by having the plan when you need it should allow you to enjoy the fun moments that you didn’t plan when they come up.

We’re currently perfecting our Basic Touring Plans options for all of the parks, and will post more details on them soon. In the meantime, consider using our Itinerary Planning services for fully customized tour plans for your vacation, or enjoying a personalized Guided Tour.